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Kellogg's inaugural Growth Forum is the greatest example of breaking the status quo at Kellogg MarComm. From the beginning, it was asked of our team to make the event, and for me the website, exciting, fresh, and new. We wanted to bend the Kellogg brand as far as we could. With the website, I was asked to build a customized Sitecore microsite that had a whole new brand, while still feeling a part of the Kellogg brand. I was able to pull out the stops and added a sticky navigation, used JavaScript to rewrite parts of the DOM, and created a filtering system to navigate over 60 speakers. View the live site here.


The Kellogg School of Management


  • Website Developer


  • Dreamweaver CC
  • Photoshop CC
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Media Queries

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Speakers Page

The Growth Forum's speakers page had over 60 speakers, and we needed to find a filtering technology that would filter the list of so many speakers. This was imperative for a proper user experience.

We implemented list.js for this task, and I used a plethora of my creative talents to allow the script to work seamlessly in Sitecore.